Friday, June 22, 2012

for a land that I never see

In one narration it is reported that Allah (swt) made Paradise and told Jibreel (the angel Gabriel) to fly for three thousand years. So Jibreel took a journey for three thousand years and then he came back. Allah (swt) asked him, “What did you think?” Jibreel responded, “I can’t believe it.” Allah (swt) told Jibreel to go for another three thousand years and then after that another three thousand years. When Jibreel finally came back Allah (swt) told him, “Do you know what you just saw? Part of the paradise of Abu Bakr (ra).”

Meinggalkan kecintaan tak pernah mudah.

Ganjaran yang besar tentulah pengorbanan bukan cap lem pong punya pengorbanan yang dituntut

Guide me, please 



Ainul Aqilah said...

keep updated your blog....
much doa from Haramain....especially for you :)
may ALLAH ease you in everything you do! amiin....

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