Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The journey

It had been a while. A very tiring journey. The journey to look for myself.

I used to read that someone used to spent 5 long dragging years to look for herself.

When I first read that I was like

 "Why that prettyyyy long. and why would you waste so much time on it??"

But surprisingly I just discovered that I had spent 7 years for that purpose.

Sounds so wasteful of time right.

For me, Im always impressed with a person that was born with good attitude, people like them, they are everybody's favourite person. But somehow, things does not goes that way with me.

My jokes are harsh, people don't like me, I don't have appropriate common sense, I can't juggle my time nicely .

By the past 7 years, I had been working on it. Very hard. 

But somehow, Allah had enlighten me Alhamdulillah.

It had been a long journey of 7 years and I don't regret every single of it. A journey to look for my inner me. 

And Im feeling thankful to God for giving me a chance for it.

I know, nobody will understand this, but nobody's reading it. So I'm okay with it. 


Have nice days peeps and keep me in your prayers