Thursday, September 22, 2011


salam. may peace b upon you. ( :

so today im going to talk about a human being .

Imam Suhaib Webb

*google his name, and also in youtube*

two words. HE'S AWESOMEEEE! ok, without the ' it will be 3 words.


1. He talks in English. its not that im forgetting my language, the Bahasa Melayu the lingua franca , but sometime reading a tazkirah in English would give a new perception. that Islam is not only for the Malay . it feels international. yeah, knowing some Islamic word in English is quite cool . creed, calamity and so on.

2. He's cool. He converted to Islam when he was 20. before that he was a DJ. ynoww the DJ DJ. the person who do some remix to songs in the night club. so, he's cool. yes for me, a person who know how to create a song is cool . why? because they are a creator . they create new stuff. new stuff which is a song. watch some of his video in youtube . I like his new refreshing style of preaching. and I recommend you guys to watch this. tafsir of short surah that we always look with one eye.

3. the way he talks is macho .and I dont know why I put this point.

thats is. his site is on the left of this blog. maju wosh.


now, it my story.

ok, dah masok second year. second year yg horror. and yes. i didnt get my dean list for first year. tiada rejeki. going to do some top up of effort in this second year. a lot of.

bought an ipad. rejeki anak menakan. tapi wifi ada masalah. pray for me. semoga dimudahkan urusan.

juniors dah datang. ahleeen. tabah di bumi bergurun ini wahai junior.

itu sahaja. assalamualaikum. ( :


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