Sunday, February 3, 2013

warkah buat incik abe.

Dear bro, sorry dont know how to rotate this pic. I was making a poster for you but somehow I deleted it unintentionally. So I have to take another route to wish you birthday before 12 according to Jordan's time. :)

One thing you should know about this blog ; I dont share it for others. So when I do it, thats mean Im making a big sacrifice, so be thankful. hehe.

Im living with people who wish to have a brother, Im living with people who lost their brother. So how can I be ungrateful when I have a bro like you :)

Thanks you for making me laugh. Thank you for fetching me from the tution class. Thank you for accompanying me for shopping. Thank you for fetching me from the bus stop. And the list will goes on.

Loosing our very dear cousin one year ago was a big slap for me. Anything can happen. Nobody can promise as I finish me degree, everybody will still be my side. With that, I appreciate every single second for the time that we had spent together with Emak, Ayah, Kak Ni and Apit. And I will regret every single if I 'go' without having a chance to say, " I feel blessed everyday when I have a bro like you. "

So I do agree with saying, " You will start appreciate the thing that you start loosing ". Realising the bitter fact that I had only 7 days last year to spend with my siblings out of 365, it aint easy. But hey, pressure makes diamond. ( :

Happy birthday brother. Nothing more superior other than the dua from me that goes ; May we meet again in jannah, a land where theres no separation.

Allahumma aslih akhi wa tsabithu bel eman. (O Allah make my brother better day by day and keep him in iman)

I envy the cicak, lipas, anai-anai in our house as they were with you guys when Im still in Jordan. *what kind of analogy is this?*

Thats all from me *walkingawayblushing*

-abaikan grammatical error please-


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