Monday, October 10, 2011

be proud!

proud . it can have have many interpretations . depending on the things that we are proud of . some may be proud with their beauty , their child or endless praises for their achievement in life .

but , have we ever feel proud with Islam ? the religion that we adhere since we state the shahadah .

or for some , since the first day we see the world .

pride in Arabic can be understood by the word 'ezzah . the dignity and honour to be a Muslim .

it can't be objected anymore that one of the reasons why Al-Quds are still crying of blood today is because the Muslim had lost their 'ezzah in holding the title 'IM A MUSLIM' .


It was narrated before that a Muslim woman was slapped in the land of Roman . The caliph at that time , Al-Mu'tasim heard that cry and because of high dignity and honour in protecting Islam , he sent his soldiers to attack the Romans . The battle was call 'Amouriyyah .

that was before .

how about now?

hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Thailand were killed as if they dont deserve to have the human right .

hundreds of our brothers and sisters are leaving Islam in Malaysia . Where were we in protecting their faith ?

there is a Malay saying

" tak kenal maka tak cinta "

yes , to be proud with Islam is to know Islam . An employer wont be proud with his employee unless he knows their achievement .

We must seek the 'ezzah from Allah because He's the only source of 'ezzah . We must turn back to the teaching of Islam because the teaching is from our almighty God .

" Who ever seeks glory and power ('Ezzah), - to Allah belongs all glory and power. " (35:10)

Islam is a perfect religion . No doubt with it . Whats left now is us . How far is our contributions in making Islam gain its 'ezzah again .


missteeha the babling girl said...

thats the reality ....

#moga Allah kuatkan kita !

Kun Zalameyh said...

err... translate2...

Ja said...

Miss. Ameeeennn

Ja said...

Fahmi. Gedik

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